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Library Policies


The Malley Drive Library is open 7:45-2:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (closed from 11:30-12) and 7:45-1:15 (closed from 11:30-12) on Wednesday.


The Library Media Center contains over 12,000 items! We have browser bins full of picture books and shelves full of fiction chapter books and non-fiction books, as well as eight different magazine subscriptions. All of these items can be checked out for 2 weeks. 

·         Kindergarteners come to the library daily and can checkout 1 picture book at a time. 

·         1st graders come to the library in small groups daily and can check out 1 picture book at a time until Winter Break; after break, 1st graders can checkout 1 picture book and 1 non-fiction book. 

·         2nd and 3rd graders come to the library several times a week and can checkout 2 books. 

·         4th and 5th graders come to the library once a week (or as needed) and can checkout 3 books.

Library etiquette and book care are taught or reviewed at the beginning of each school year. 

Late - Lost - Damaged Books

We never charge a late fee for overdue books or materials. If the materials are needed for a longer time period, just stop by the library to renew! If you do have late books, no other materials can be checked out until overdue materials are returned. Overdue notices are sent home every two weeks. If books become lost or damaged, students will be asked to pay the replacement cost for the items before they can checkout any other library materials.