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Ms. Fillmore's ESL Class


Dear  Families, 

I hope you enjoyed your summer with your kids, and are ready to get into a great year of learning.  I am very excited to be back with the students.  Here are some important things you will need to know about this year.

* Home Visits: The Parent Teacher Home Visit Program (  )is a program in which I will be participating.  For Home Visits, I will meet with you in your home or a nearby coffee shop.  We will explore two questions together. The questions are: What are your hopes and dreams for your child?  What can I as the teacher do for your child or family?  I will identify one action I want you to take for your child.       Looking forward to making a connection with your family! 

* Connection Circles:  On Monday and Fridays English Language Development students will participate in Connection Circles.   I hold Connection Circles to highlight the ´successes and struggles that all students might be  experiencing´  (Silverman, 2019).   The restorative practice of Connection Circles makes learning relevant to students because of the social nature of learning.        Connection Circles are every Wednesday! 

*Learning Objectives and Success Criteria: All my classes begin with reading and clarifying learning target and success criteria.  In order to clarify, students might be asked to give a real life example, summary, or question about the learning target and success criteria when class begins.  

* Brain Breaks: I 'HEART' Brain Breaks. I want to keep your child active and moving all day long, and give them a much deserved brain refresher when needed.  Some of my favorite Brain Breaks are Mother May I?  and Freeze Dance. 

What do I ask from you? I feel extremely lucky to working with parents and families like yourselves.   If there is any way that you would think of that you would like to be involved in the ELD classroom, please let me know.  I have had Parent Tutors for Newcomer students, parents bringing food, and parents calling me to express a need their child has and/or ask for advice.  The most important job for you is communicating  and letting  me know what you and your child most need!!  

 I am excited to see your child this Fall.

Warmly, Mrs.Fillmore

Mrs. Fillmore’s Phone Number and Office Hours:


(970) 528-0610 
  ZOOM meetings
can  be scheduled.

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