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Daily Schedule

5th Grade Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

7:30-7:50- Math Message and Breakfast


8:35-9:15-Text Savvy, Spelling, Word Learning

9:15-9:35-Independent Reading and Reading Conferences

9:35-9:50- Recess

9:50-10:55-Guided Reading

10:55-12:00- Math

12:00-12:40 Recess and Lunch

12:40-1:00- Math

1:00-2:00- Writing

2:00-2:25- Social Studies and Science with a writing and reading focus

2:25-2:30-Clean up and Get ready for end of day


7:50-8:35- Experiments or DBQ (Document Based Questioning)

8:35-9:15- Writing with a Unit Focus

9:15-9:55- Support groups and Technology Time

9:55-10:10 Recess

10:10-10:35 ESL/ Math Literacy

10:35-10:50 Math

10:50-11:35 Specials

11:35-12:00 Math

12:00-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:15 Shared Reading